Speech/Language Development-Mrs. Spigelman

Welcome to Speech and Language

The Speech and Language program provides services for students by addressing their communication needs in order to promote their educational and social success. Students are enrolled in the program after a referral procedure that involves the child’s parents, teacher, and speech/language pathologist.

Communication involves a variety of areas.  The areas included are articulation, language, fluency, and voice.  Articulation is the ability to produce sounds in a manner appropriate to the child’s age.  Receptive language is the ability to comprehend language and language concepts in the areas of semantics (vocabulary), syntax (grammar), pragmatics (social skills), and morphology (word form).  Receptive Language also includes listening and auditory processing. (i.e. following directions).  Expressive Language is how language is used to express ideas, feelings, and needs in all these areas.  Fluency is the flow of speech and being able to communicate smoothly without excessive repetitions and hesitations.  Voice is the ability to use the correct volume, quality, and pitch appropriate for their age.

When one or more of these areas begin to negatively impact a child’s success in school, intervention may be necessary. Students enrolled in the program are provided with an Individualized Educational Plan to address their specific needs.