Reading Specialist-Mrs. Feldheim

Welcome to Reading!

Our reading intervention program strives to improve literacy across all grade levels. The reading support personnel work with students in a variety of ways: by conferencing with each student in grades K-5 during in class reading and/or writing time, helping to differentiate spelling groups in K-3 using the Words Their Way program, and by providing students with intimate learning groups.

Additionally, the Response to Intervention (RtI) process is implemented to meet the needs of all students. Appropriate interventions are then matched to each student based on his or her need such as phonemic awareness, phonics/decoding, fluency, comprehension, or vocabulary. Goals are written for students and interventions are then implemented in our classroom. Student goals are progress-monitored and data is examined to determine a course of action. Conferences will be scheduled with parents to discuss the child’s progress and/or possible program changes.

Improving literacy skills and motivating students to read are our main goals. Kids who read succeed!

 Mrs, Feldheim, Mrs. Codell, and Mrs. Michel