Enrichment-Mrs. Hughes
  • Welcome to Bannockburn’s Enrichment program. Developmentally, children’s abilities emerge at different times. We use a flexible identification process and provide students with differentiated instruction as needed. Our identification is fluid, which allows for participation based on a student’s strengths, interests, and needs. Differentiated instruction is aligned with the classroom curriculum and provides students a level of challenge appropriate to their abilities.                    

Mrs. Hughes - Enrichment Specialist

  • Meets weekly with each classroom teacher to analyze ongoing assessment data and collaborate weekly enrichment opportunities which may differ in content, process, and product
  • Works with teachers to promote instruction that increases interest and enthusiasm for higher level, self-directed problem-solving strategies, divergent thinking, and creativity
  • Researches, gathers and develops classroom materials to enhance differentiated curriculum for all students

  • Pushes into classrooms to co-teach subjects and/or works with small groups of students within classroom setting

  • Provides flexible grouped, enrichment instruction for first through fifth-grade students who show proficiency in concepts on math pre-assessments

  • Administers CogAT Ability Testing in the fall to all students in third and fifth grade

  • Using multiple, ongoing measures, identifies high performing students and works with teachers to differentiate instruction for specific needs

  • Offers enrichment opportunities to all interested students during lunch and recess periods (past activities include Book Clubs, Math Clubs, Service Learning projects and student directed projects)

  • Coordinates school-wide enrichment programs for all students (past programs include Battle of The Books, One Book, One School, Student Speak, and Reality 101)

  • Offers contest opportunities such as You Be The Chemist, Battle of the Books, and Math-Con

  • Coordinates annual Geography and Spelling Bees

  • Fosters mentoring opportunities for students 

  • Resource to parents and students for beyond school enrichment opportunities