English Language Learners (ELL) - Mrs. Hughes

Welcome to ELL!

Bannockburn School District 106 celebrates its diversity and multilingual population of parents and students. Our English Language Learners (ELL) program empowers students to achieve English language competency, and academic success, while honoring and preserving students’ cultural identity.

A Home Language Survey is completed by parents at the time of student registration. If a parent indicates that the student’s primary language is not English, the student is referred for an English Proficiency Assessment, W-APT. This test is administered during the first weeks of the school year and checks a student’s overall ability to communicate and understand English through the domains of speaking, listening, reading and writing.

All students who qualify to receive ELL services take the Illinois mandated WIDA ACCESS Exam. This test annually assesses the progress of English language proficiency. The results are mailed to families in the fall and indicate if a child qualifies for continued ELL services or has scored at a proficient level and no longer needs services.

The ELL teacher and classroom teachers collaborate regularly to plan for individual students’ needs. Delivery of services varies according to the proficiency levels of each student. While there are many opportunities during the course of a day in a language-rich classroom environment for language learning, merely being exposed or engaged in activities in English is not sufficient to assure the development of full academic language proficiency.  Limited-English proficient students must receive explicit instruction in language that is differentiated based on their English language proficiency level. ELL students participate in one to four, weekly small group, thirty-minute periods of academic instruction. For those students with higher levels of English proficiency, services are also delivered in a push-in model within the classroom setting.

Bannockburn’s ELL program teaches K-8 students to become competent in English and successful in their academic, social, and cultural aspects of their English language acquisition. The goal is to provide rich, engaging learning environments for all learners.