8th Grade Homework
Due 5/22: Cold War creative research project (See rubric, remember to organize notesheet by source)

Due 5/15: Cold War vocab (Definition, fact or sentence, and picture for each term) communism, democracy, containment, Cold War.

Due 5/11: WWII Test (Study)

Due 5/9: Ch. 26 Study Guide (Try to complete four-five terms a day) (Will have half period to work on it)

Due 5/7: Atomic Bomb Debate Plan- On a Google Doc and turn questions into statements.

Due 4/27: Modern Propaganda. Find two ads, one print and one video (commercial). Analyze the ads and make sure they show at least two different types of propaganda. Write out an answer key on a separate sheet so we can play a game with them. You may want to copy URL so that we can play video from my computer.

Due 4/26: Propaganda worksheet and poster analysis (Pick one and use readings for themes)

Due 4/23: Eight Stages of Genocide Google Draw and UpFront Annotations (Either Phone, Anne Frank or Slavery)

Due 4/20: "Survivor of Nazi Massacre..." Read and take bullet notes. Make sure to include how he almost died and survived.

Due 4/13: TTWR Part II and Part III reading guide (Friday will be class reading time)

Due 4/9: Tell Them We Remember vocabulary (use glossary) and Intro and Part I reading guide

Due 3/29 by end of class: Japanese Internment analytical paragraph: Why were Japanese Americans interned during WWII? (Include title, topic sentence, conclusion, internal citations)

Due 3/28: 7th period social studies only: Read the next two documents and add bullets to reasons and evidence. Also, complete the next hypothesis.

Due 3/27: WWII battle project (See assignment sheet) - Make sure to organize notes by source and include works cited page

Due 3/21: 1. WWII Totalitarian Govt Chart (See assignment sheet) 2. GRW 26.2 3. Study 26.1 vocab words.

Due 3/15: WWII Europe Map (No extension)

Due 3/8: Modern Earth Day Poster or political cartoon

Due 2/28: Environmental Quote Summary (Follow directions on assignment sheet) (If in musical can turn in on Thursday at start of class)

Due 2/27: DDT: Write 8-10 bullets and complete last three questions.

Due 2/26: 1. Two-part drawing that relates to “The Fable for Tomorrow.”

Due 2/13: Study for Industrial Revolution test (Test Wednesday 2/14)

Due 2/9: Start studying for Industrial Revolution test

Due 1/31: Finish research. Remember to organize info by source.

Due 1/30: 30 more minutes of research. Remember to organize information by source (URL/website)

Due 1/25: Robber Baron notes (Make sure to have two sections total) (See document: 1.0 Meet Some Real Robber Barons NOTES UPDATE)

Due 1/23: Labor Event Presentation

Due 1/22: Finish Labor Event research. If you need help, email Mr. Panella over weekend.

Due 1/17: 19.2 GRW

Due 1/16: 19.1 Outline Notes (Sample in Shared Google Drive folder)

Due 1/12: Invention for future World's Fair (see assignment sheet)

Due 1/9: Child labor photo analysis and creative/empathetic story or diary.

Due 1/5: 1.4 Background on the Industrial Age- Read and summarize (put in your own words) both articles on a single paragraph: "Riis the Reformer" and "The Gilded Age." Add a title. The documents are in your shared Google Drive folder.

Due 1/4: 2017 Year in Rap. Make sure to include one topic, 4+ stories, 12-16 lines, creative title, and pictures. Also, capitalize all proper nouns, add commas at the end of each line and a period at the end of the rap/poem.

Due 12/13: Finish Ch. 12 study guide

Due 12/12: Practice skits

Due 12/11: Transportation Revolution Skit and 7 more terms (17 total)

Due 12/8:  Ch. 12 study guide: define and explain 5 more terms for open note test (10 total)

Due 12/7: Ch. 12 study guide: define and explain 5 terms /night for open note test.

Due 12/6: GRW 12.2

Due 12/5: Slater or Lowell Ad (See assignment sheet in shared Google Drive folder)

Due 12/1: Slater (p. 390-391) and Lowell (p. 392-394) bullet notes

Due 11/30: 12.1 #1A, 1B, 2A, 2C, 3A

Due 11/28: UpFront annotations either article that starts p. 8, 12, or 18.

Due 11/16: GRW 28.1, 28.2 and Cornell Notes 28.3

Due 11/15: Economic graph analysis (Try to find the graph that is incorrect too)

Due 11/14: 40 Civil Rights Martyrs Chart

Due 11/10: Two GRW packets on Reconstruction

Due 10/31: Civil War Inquiry Project

Due 10/20: UpFront: Monumental Debate annotations

Due 10/19: 16.5 Cornell Notes

Due 10/18: Civil War soldier letter. Remember to include a title and facts from a specific Civil War battle. Also, you can include information from Civil War packet #4 which includes information on soldiers food and equipment. Also, complete GRW Ch. 16 Sec. 2 (For the last section just include the answer)

Due 10/12: Emancipation Proclamation and General Order 143 paragraph. Try to write six sentences and answer the three questions in the packet.

Due 10/11: Ch. 16 Sec. 2 Questions: 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, 3A, 3B (Follow format in shared Google Drive folder)

Due 10/4: Culture and Economics of the North and South- Charts and Worksheet

Due 10/3: Slavery: No Freedom, No Rights packet

Due 9/28: Abolitionist and Women's Rights Google Draw (See assignment sheet in shared Google Drive folder)

Due 9/26: Reader's Theater on Abolition- Read and underline important details

Due 9/25: Slave Revolt presentation (See assignment sheet in Google Drive folder)

Due 9/18: African Culture Influences America Google Draw Project (See assignment sheet in Google Drive folder)

Due 9/13: Finish Slavery Arguments and Justification Pro vs Con Google Draw. Make sure to summarize three points on each side (Pro and Con). Also, add pictures or symbols to each bullet. After, read the Alabama Slave Code and answer the questions.

Due 9/11: Middle Passage journals: Write a journal entry from one of several perspectives (leader of a mutiny/revolt; slaves not directly involved in the mutiny; a crew member; or William Snelgrave) Make sure to add a title and edit. The entry should be at least one paragraph. You can include a drawing or diagram for a slave revolt if you would like. Be creative and empathetic.

Due 9/6: Read and take bullet notes on "Enslavement Documents." For each document write 2 bullets and one question. All documents are in the shared Google Drive folder. 

Due 8/29: Log into 
textbook website to make sure you can access from home. The webpage is listed under class resources or http://my.hrw.com/

Due 8/28: Email etiquette response (Follow directions in email)