8th Grade Homework
Due 5/16: Shark Tank Business Plan and Pitch (Can make changes before formal presentation in STEM) 

Due 5/13: Invest in You simulation and quiz.

Due 5/9: Ways to Pay simulation and quiz. Also, complete the types of transactions worksheet.

Due 5/8: Smart Shopping simulation and quiz

Due 5/1: Continue to work on the atomic bomb deliberation

Due 4/26: Modern Propaganda

Due 4/25: WWII- US propaganda analysis. Pick one poster. Don't forget themes and types are in the reading.

Due 4/17: Finish genocide research (If you are struggling connecting the 8-stages of genocide to your event let me know)

Due 4/8: TTWR Part III reading guide

Due 4/8: Author's Point of View: Loaded Language, Choice of Facts, and Bandwagon; Think Critically: Fact, Opinion, Reasoned Judgement (Google Draws)

Due 4/5: TTWR Part II reading guide

Due 4/1: TTWR Part I reading guide (Keep track of pages b/c chronological order. Add more details to questions worth more points)

Due 3/19: Holocaust vocabulary (Use glossary in Tell Them We Remember)

Due 3/14: Japanese Internment: Read, "The Crisis." Then fill out the graphic organizer and hypothesis #2.

Due 3/13: WWII Map and 26.2 GRW (No challenge or last section)

Due 2/26: Environmental Quote Summary and UF annotations p. 14-17

Due 2/11: Two-Part Silent Spring- Fable for Tomorrow drawing (Color adds more effort)

Due 2/6: Read the packet, "Coal and the Industrial Revolution." Write bullet notes and questions about the different documents. Focus on the causes/influences and effects of long-term human-induced environmental changes and concerns.

Due 2/1: Study for Industrialist Age chapter test (Test today)

Due 1/25: Finish Industrialist project or essay. 

Due 1/18: Can continue research for: Captain of Industry or Robber Baron?/ Is Greed Good?

Due 1/14: 19.3 Outline Notes- Main sections, subsections, details, subdetails...

Due 1/8: Practice Labor Event presentations

Due 12/14: GRW 19.2 and challenge

Due 12/13: 19.1 outline notes (Main section- red, sub-section- blue, bullets, sub-bullets) (Don't forget to include and bold vocabulary)

Due 12/10: Sweatshop Essay- 4-5 paragraphs. Make sure to include claims, evidence, analysis/reasoning, counterclaims... See assignment sheet.

Due 12/6: Can read articles and take notes for sweatshop argument essays.

Due 12/3: Child labor partner photo analysis (3-column), Child labor creative story- picture, title..., Background on the Industrial Age summary single paragraph- describing the lifestyle differences between the wealthy and poor 

Due 11/29: Invention or innovation for World's Fair 2019

Due 11/19: Notes for Ch. 12 open book and open note test

Due 11/16: GRW 12.2 and 12.4

Due 11/14: Transportation Revolution Skits

Due 11/9: Transportation Revolution notes- Textbook Ch. 12 (SS- 397, ST- 398, 399), Discovery Ed, or Primary Document.

Due 11/8: Slater or Lowell Mill Advertisement- Title, pictures/symbols, facts, and jingles/slogans

Due 11/5: 12.1 textbook #1A, 1B, 2A, 2C, and 3A (Remember to include the chapter and section # and title, rephrase the question, and avoid 1st person) 

Due 11/1: Intergenerational Poverty Graph Analysis (Add numerical data and watch out for one graph that is incorrect) (You have 9 minutes to work on it on 10/31)

Due 10/30: Junior Scholastic "Monumental Battle" annotations

Due 10/26: Americans Fighting for Rights presentation

Due 10/19: 28.3 Cornell Notes

Due 10/18 MLK and Malcolm X chart

Due 10/17: Continue research for MLK and Malcolm X chart

Due 10/12: 28.2 questions 3A, 3B, 4A, 4B 

Due 10/9: Nonviolent Resistance: Sit-Ins and Freedom Rides graphic organizer

Due 9/27: Civil Rights Movement Timeline (Remember to add pictures and symbols to some events)

Due 9/26: Read UpFront article and answer four questions.

Due 9/21: Reconstruction Raps (There will be 5 minutes to practice or finishing touches)

Due 9/14: 16.5 Cornell notes (Make sure to include yellow terms- term: definition) Black terms will also help for the open note quiz.

Due 9/12: Civil War inquiry project (Remember to organize your research by source. Also, include essential questions in your notes and/or presentation)

Due 9/11: Suggestion only... If our class wants to compete, please try to find a few summer news stories we could use. Remember not to include: Thai soccer team and cave, Kavanaugh Supreme Court pick, Trump and Putin meeting, Lebron James and LA, World Cup, Indonesia earthquake, Mexico's new president, NASA and sun probe, and Aretha Franklin's death.

Due 9/7: Finish research for Civil War inquiry project. Make sure to include essential questions and also organize information by source.

Due 9/6: Continue research for choice Civil War project. Make sure to organize information by source.

Due 8/30: North and South chart/ graphic organizer. See assignment sheet for details. You only need three categories to compare the North and South.