7th Grade Homework
Due 5/23: Enslavement docs (Bullet notes and organize by source) I added a better link for the Slave Ship Diagram Act of 1788 in the shared Slavery folder.

Due 5/21: The Fight for Civil Rights post

Due 5/18: Gold Rush journal and advertisement (See assignment sheet)

Due 5/10: Native American Memorial (Remember to include a written paragraph with facts and explanations)

Due 5/4: Discrimination Long Ago PenPal post, vote, and send a comment to at least one penpal.

Due 5/2: 9.2 Cornell Notes

Due 5/1: War of 1812 or Monroe Doctrine Google Draw

Due 4/26: Updated Art

Due 4/18: "To The West" song and parody analysis #3-8

Due 4/13: Lewis and Clark expedition diorama.

Due 3/29: Try to finish Lewis and Clark expedition research. Bring in a shoebox for the diorama.

Due 3/27: Louisiana Purchase analytical paragraph: Why did Federalists oppose the Louisiana Purchase? (See assignment sheet)

Due 3/26: GRW Ch. 8 Sec. 2

Due 3/22: Paragraph- What conflicts arose from westward expansion? See docs and assignment sheet in Google Drive.

Due 3/8: Annotated Illustration: What technologies affected westward migration?

Due 2/26: Illinois State and Local Government Google Draw

Due 2/7: Constitution Test (Study as needed)

Due 2/2: Complete BB practice test and grade. Star questions you want to discuss on Friday.

Due 2/1: Finish Constitution review sheet (Continue studying and making notecards as needed)

Due 1/31: BB p. 47 (Can make notecards too)

Due 1/30: BB p. 42

Due 1/26: BB p. 39, 40

Due 1/25: BB p. 38 and Landmark Supreme Court case project.

Due 1/24: BB p. 37 and continue to work on Landmark Supreme Court Case project.

Due 1/22: BB p. 36

Due 1/17: BB p. 33-35

Due 1/12: President's Cabinet Presentation

Due 1/11: Finish research for President's Cabinet Presentation.

Due 1/9: Continue to work on President's Cabinet Presentation. Research 20-30 min. Try to finish biographical info and description of department.

Due 1/8: BB p. 31, 32 (President's Cabinet- remember for the first part write "Sec. of ____" for each one except one department head)

Due 1/4: Continue to work on Flocabulary Shout-Out Contest. Remember to pick a story that was not included in their 2017 Year in Rap. Then, take notes and write at least eight lines of rap or prose.

Due 12/14: Finish "2017 Year in Rap" project. Only 5 minutes to rehearse for the presentation tomorrow. Remember to include a title, a topic, at least four news stories that relate to the topic, 12-16 lines altogether, and pictures that connect to the stories. Make sure to edit, add commas for pauses and the end of lines, and capitalize all proper nouns.

Due 12/13: Continue to work on the "2017 Year in Rap" project.

Due 12/4: BB p. 16

Due 12/1: Practice Amendment raps

Due 11/21: JS annotations p. 6-9. Also, complete map activity p. 21.

Due 11/17: BB p. 9

Due 11/15: Bill of Rights sketches

Due 11/14: Operation Gratitude Letter (Keep in mind who the letter is going to- new recruit, veteran, deployed troop, or first responder) and BB p. 10, 11

Due 11/7: BB p. 7 and 8

Due 11/6: BB p. 5 and 6

Due 11/2: Create Own Sovereign State and BB p. 4

Due 10/30: Excellence of the American Revolution Time Capsule Project (See assignment sheet in
shared Google Drive folder)

Due 10/23: Hobbes and Locke cartoons or sketches. Remember to add color and creativity!

Due 10/20: Write bullets and/or sketches on the Hobbe's and Locke cartoon section. Try to answer the questions in the middle showing the similarities and differences between Hobbes and Locke's philosophies. 

Due 10/18: Battle at Lexington analytical paragraph (Follow assignment sheet in shared Google Drive folder)

Due 10/16: Can outline and work on Battle at Lexington analytical paragraph

Due 10/13: Barker and Minutemen Deposition Questions #1-7

DUe 10/12: JS Columbus map p. 12

Due 10/11: Finish reading and annotating JS: Challenging Columbus 

Due 10/10: GRW Ch. 3 Sec. 5 (No challenge)

Due 10/4: Study for Ch. 3 Sec. 5 quiz

Due 10/3: Boston Massacre editorial

Due 9/29: Boston Massacre documents #1-4

Due 9/27: Colonial Protest Rally (See assignment sheet in Google Drive folder)

Due 9/20: Ch. 3 Sec. 5 Cornell Notes (See note-taking example in shared Google Drive folder) (Format was practiced in class)

Due 9/18: GRW Ch. 3 Sec. 4 (No challenge)

Due 9/15: Life as a Colonist Diary and Drawing (See Google Drive for assignment sheet)

Due 9/12: Jamestown and the Powhatan (Answer questions from both sources)

Due 9/11: Finish Disney's Pocahontas analytical paragraph. Make sure to follow outline guide in shared Google Drive folder. Also, add a title, edit, avoid first person, and stay in past tense.

Due 9/6: Finish John Smith analysis of two books: True Relation and General History

Due 9/1: Timeline Project (See assignment sheet in Google Drive folder)

Due 8/29: Log into textbook website to make sure you can access from home. The webpage is listed under class resources or http://my.hrw.com/

Due 8/28: Email etiquette response (Follow directions in email)