6th Grade Homework
Due 5/17: Greek government Google Draw and skit (See assignment sheet)

Due 5/11: Create your own mythological figure (Drawing w/ chart and creative story)

Due 5/8: Greek Mythology Cards (16 if w/ partner and 8 if solo) Make sure to be consistent w/ layout: Realm, Traits, Powers, 2 Extra Facts)

Due 4/30: 8.3 Greek Mythology and Literature Creative Notes (Use Google Draw)

Due 4/24: What is classical or classic? Create a definition, a new example (describe it and explain why it is classical), and a picture.

Due 4/20: 8.2 Cornell Notes (p. 236-241)

Due 4/18: Greek Polis project- banner and song (See assignment sheet)

Due 4/11: Ancient Greece GRW 8.1 (For last sections write the definition) (No challenge) 
***The textbook Ch. 8 Ancient Greece is in your shared Google Drive folder if you need more info

Due 3/29: 6.5 Cornell notes (See example in China folder)

Due 3/28: JS: China Censorship- annotations (follow expectations modeled in class)

Due 3/27: Asia postcard and GRW 6.4

Due 3/26: Format postcard. Finish the backside first. Add the letter, textbox for address, and a stamp. Make sure to check that it did not start a separate page. Then copy and paste for all four backs. After add pictures and text (location or item name) for the front.

Due 3/23: Finish postcard letter. Make sure to edit. You can also find 4 or more large pictures for the front of the postcard and 2 or more stamps.

Due 3/22: Finish East Asia postcard notes. Try to get around 10 facts. Make sure to include the significance of the location or item.

Due 3/21: Check the locations for the China/East Asia postcard project. Have a few ideas about locations because we will not have repeats. The location page is in your shared Google Drive folder and is titled 3. Asia Postcard Project Places.

Due 3/8: Zhou dynasty journal (See assignment sheet in philosophies folder)

Due 3/2: GRW 6.1 Geography and Early History of China. Textbook and GRW in shared Google Drive folder under Geography and Early History.

Due 3/1: 1. China story based on an image in PDF file. Try to add dialogue for full credit. Make sure to include a creative title. 2. China and East Asia Map. Label the necessary parts using three colors. Do not color in the map. 

Due 2/28: China images paragraph. See assignment sheet and make sure to include all parts: creative title, denotative info, connotative info, questions, inferences, and summarize the caption in a different color.

Due 2/26: 5.5 Indian Achiements Cornell Notes

Due 2/9: GRW 5.3 (No challenge)

Due 2/6: GRW 5.2 (Challenge too)

Due 2/2: JS: Gun Debate annotations p. 9-11

Due 1/31: Hinduism Beliefs- Google Draw

Due 1/30: Continue to work on Hinduism belief project. Finish notes and can start Google Draw.

Due 1/23: Continue to work on India Travel script, slides, and pictures. Project due 1/24/

Due 1/22: Continue to work on India Travel script and try to finish. India Travel project due 1/24.

Due 1/19: India Travels notes (2 geographical locations, 2 cultural topics) 7-10 bullets each = 28-40 bullets (More facts the better. You should not include all facts in script.)

Due 1/17: GRW 5.1 (No challenge and for top of p. 45 copy the definition)

Due 1/16: JS: "Ten Cool Things About India" -2-2-2 Notes (2 interesting facts, 2 important facts, 2 questions. Also, complete the map activity at the end of the article.

Due 1/12: India Real Estate Ad and notes

Due 1/9: India image analysis and India map.

Due 12/14: Continue to work on "2017 Year in Rap." Tomorrow is the last class day to work on the project. Remember to include a title, a topic, at least four news stories that relate to the topic, 12-16 lines altogether, and pictures that connect to the stories. Make sure to edit, add commas for pauses and the end of lines, and capitalize all proper nouns.

Due 12/13: Try to finish research for the "2017 Year in Rap" project. Remember you need one topic and at least four news stories that relate to the topic.

Due 12/7: Finish annotating ISIS article p. 10-13. Remember to read a paragraph, stop, add a side-margin summary, then underline details. Then read the next paragraph and continue stopping and adding side-margin summaries and underlining details.
Due 12/5: Study for tomorrow's test. It would be a good idea to try to fill out the blank study guide.

Due 12/4: Continue to study. It would be a good idea to fill out new study guide without looking at old one.

Due 12/1: Continue to study and prepare for test.

Due 11/30: Study for test

Due 11/28: Be prepared for Mesopotamian presentation and skit

Due 11/17: Ch. 3 Sec. 4 (p. 72-77) Questions: 2A, 2B, 3A, 3B (Follow guidelines- Add chapter and section name and number at top; Rephrase question and include key terms; Avoid first person)

Due 11/13: GRW Mesopotamian Achievements

Due 11/8: Characteristics of a Civilization (See assignment sheet- remember to have 3 diverse/different images for each category) (For food- have a food item, restaurant/store and utensil)

Due 11/6: Characteristic of Civilization Match (Draw as many lines and phrases as you can) Here is an example w/ Xbox (In Xbox there are games where people grow food and the workers get money and use it for food; Microsoft Xbox has game designers as a job; There are rules for each Xbox game for system of government; Xbox is a technology and there are different versions/updates; Xbox has text on the screen and manuals to learn how to play games)

Due 11/2: 1. Ancient Meso' Problems Project (Title, names, colored and labeled diagram, your solution, and a summary of ancient Mesopotamian solution in a different color)  2. TB Ch. 3 Sec 2 questions: 1A, 1C, 2A, 2C. 

Due 11/1: Mesopotamia and Fertile Crescent packet (3 pages)

Due 10/25: Mesopotamia Map (Remember to label in 3 colors. Also, include a compass) (Assignment sheet in shared Google Drive folder under Mesopotamia)

Due 10/23: Paleolithic and Neolithic Times: Letter and hand-drawn, colored picture or symbol. (See assignment in shared Google Drive folder)

Due 10/18: Paleolithic and Neolithic Electronic Slides (See assignment sheet and do not forget to include your rap or poem that includes the major difference that took place)

Due 10/16: Finish one slide for Paleolithic and Neolithic presentation. 

Due 10/10: Junior Scholastic p. 21 map questions #1-10 (Latitude and Longitude- all answers are on p. 21)

Due 10/4: Hominid presentation (Make sure to practice)

Due 10/2: Optional- Continue research for hominid project, especially if behind

Due 9/28: Ch. 2 Sec. 1 (p. 28-34) Questions: 1B, 2A, 2B, 3A, 3B, 4A, 4B. (Follow guide handed out and in Google Drive folder)

Due 9/20: Time...Line of Life Google Draw project. (See assignment sheet in shared Google Drive folder)

Due 9/19: Continue to work on Time...Line of Life project

Due 9/18: Time...Line of Life project start. Write at least 5 CE dates on assignment sheet. You can also add BCE dates too. (Assignments sheet was handed out and is in shared Google Drive folder) We will put dates on Google Draw in class.

Due 9/15: Ch. 1 Vocab: Include the textbook term, definition, and your own picture that relates to the word. There are 13 terms in chapter 1. (See assignments sheet in Google Drive ) 

Due 9/14: Back in Time journal (See assignment sheet in Google Drive)

Due 9/11: History Mystery story. Make sure to use evidence from the image. (See Google Drive folder for image and remember the story goes from the left side to the right side)

Due 9/7: Finish "Historian" section of History Detective's packet. Please wait to start "Geographer" section.

Due 9/6: Respond to the email following the email guide (See bottom of email for exact information)

Due 9/1: Finish "I am From" poem. Make sure to check assignment sheet in Google Drive folder. Also, remember to add a creative title, pictures, and do not forget to edit.

Due 8/31: Finish "I am From" poem. Make sure to check assignment sheet in Google Drive folder. Also, remember to add a creative title, pictures, and do not forget to edit.

Due 8/30: Continue to work on "I am From" poem. Remember to check assignment sheet for details.

Due 8/29: None

Due 8/28: None