WELCOME BACK 2018 GRADUATES!!! HOMEWORK DUE ON... (LOVED THE POETRY PRESENTATIONS!!) Friday, Feb. 23: Unit 12 Spelling Test Tuesday, Feb. 27: Vocab Book-Unit 12 Wednesday, Feb. 28: Pantoum Poem -At least 3 stanzas/4 lines each Thursday, March 1: Vocab Test-Unit 12 Tuesday, Feb. 6: AMND Field Trip-BRING $ IF YOU'RE BUYING LUNCH! Thursday, Feb. 8: Poetry Preparation, make an appt. with Ms. M and/or Ms. L Vocab Book Due-Unit 11 2 paragraph review of the play we saw, AMND. The first para- graph should be what you liked AND WHY and the second paragraph should be what you disliked AND WHY!! Friday, Feb. 9: Poetry Preparation, make an appt. with Ms. M and/or Ms. L Vocab Test-Unit 11 Monday, Feb. 12: Poetry Presentation Tuesday, Feb. 13: Poetry Presentation HOMEWORK DUE ON... Tuesday, January 30: AMND Character Sketch-printed BEFORE you get to class!! Thursday, February 1: Spelling Test-Unit 11 Monday, 1/22: AMND-2 Poems (most of you finished this in class on Friday): Referring to the Character Packet you finished on Thursday, write 2 poems about the character for whom you did NOT fill out a chart in the packet. POEM #1: 4 lines of iambic pentameter (10 syllables per line) about one of the characters POEM #2: 8 lines of rhyming couplets (AA, BB, CC, DD) about the other character. Friday, 1/26: Vocabulary Test-Unit #10 AMND Scene Performance-memorized and costumed! HOMEWORK DUE ON... Friday, 1/19: Spelling Test Unit 10 Finish Character Packet for Scene 3 (Choose 4 to complete) Thursday, 1/18: In your Reader's Notebook, at the top of the page, please write the quote from the bulletin board that you (hopefully) already chose during class. Next, write an excellent paragraph (at least 12-15 sentences) explaining how that quote relates to AMND. Within this paragraph, please incorporate and cite two quotes from the play and explain how each quote relates to the quote you chose from the bulletin board. NO illustration needed... Friday, 1/19: Spelling Test HOMEWORK DUE ON...

Thursday, 1/11: In your Reader's Notebook, please write 3/4 of a page, in script format, a conversation between one character you've met so far and yourself. Please illustrate with a thoughtful drawing. Friday, 1/12: Vocabulary Test #9 Tuesday, 1/9: Vocabulary Book #9 (please annotate Reading Comprehension section) Please write one sentence about what each of the characters below wants and then find a quote to support your inference (1.1.line #). Please draw ONE illustration about any of the characters or what we read. Theseus Hippolyta Hermia Lysander Demetrius

Friday, 1/5: Please respond to the following: “The course of true love never did run smooth” (1.1.134).

Looking at the above quote, please write 5-7 sentences in your Reader’s Notebook explaining its meaning and connecting it to an experience that you have either faced, seen or heard about. Please illustrate your example.

Monday, 1/8: 15 Vocabulary pictures and sentences for Unit #9 (printed before you come to class!)

Spelling Test-Vocab #9

HOMEWORK DUE ON... Friday, 12/8: TKAM In-Class Essay Test Please bring a CHARGED laptop Your TKAM book Your Five Expository Essay Planner An Independent Reading Book NO SPELLING TEST TODAY-POSTPONED UNTIL MONDAY, DECEMBER 11!! Tuesday, 12/5: TKAM Chapter 27 & 28: Read and annotate HOMEWORK DUE ON... Friday, 12/1: Vocabulary Test #7 TKAM Chapter 24 & 25: Read and annotate Tuesday, 11/28: TKAM Chapter 18: choose one question from the packet and answer thoroughly in your Reader's Notebook. Please add an illustration with color Wednesday, 11/29: TKAM Reader's Notebook re-do is due Read Chapter 20 Annotate No Summary!!! On a separate sheet of paper write FIVE higher-level questions - don't answer them! (These cannot be answered with one sentence. They often begin with "Why", "Explain"...) Anyone who comes into class today and says, "Good Morning Ms. Marran. What do you think happened to Boo Radley" receives 5 extra credit points! Thursday, 11/30: TKAM Chapter 22: read & annotate Vocabulary Book #7 Due Vocabulary Spelling Test #7 HOMEWORK DUE ON... TKAM ​Chapter 16: read and annotate; we will summarize ​in class NO HOMEWORK FOR THE WEEKEND OF NOV. 10-12!! Enjoy the snow!! HOMEWORK DUE ON... Thursday, 11/9: TKAM ​Chapter 11: finish and annotate; we will summarize ​in class Tuesday, 11/7: TKAM: Chapter 9: annotated and summarized Chapter 10: read, annotate and summarize ​NOT DUE TOMORROW but keep working on Student Option for Chapter 9 Friday, 11/10: Vocab #6: Spelling Test HOMEWORK DUE ON.. Wednesday, 11/1: TKAM: Chapter 7: Read and NO summary (Happy Halloween!) Tuesday, 10/31: Vocab Book #5 TKAM: Chapter 6 Summary (in your novel!) Chapters 1-6 in Readers's Notebook: Find a quote that describes the characters of Jem, Scout, Atticus, Ms. Maudie, Dill Chapters 1-6 Quiz Wednesday, 11/1: TKAM: No homework; make sure Chapter 7 and key complete Vocabulary #5: Study for test on Friday Thursday, 11/2: Vocabulary Test #5 TKAM: Finish Chapter 8, annotate and summarize In your Reader's Notebook write a haiku (5-7-5) pertaining to the chapter about each listed below: -Jem -Scout -Boo -Ms. Maudie -Atticus -The Fire HOMEWORK DUE ON.. Wednesday, 10/25: TKAM: Chapter 2 $2-$4 summary (10¢ a word) Choose one question from Packet answer and illustrate it Thursday, 10/26: TKAM: Chapter 3 Illustrate how Scout feels about school from the beginning of Chapter 2 to the end of Chapter 3 Annotate and quick summary Prepare your question for group discussion Friday, 10/27: TKAM: Chapter 4 Finish reading the chapter Summarize IN THE BOOK Choose one Chapter 4 question from packet and answer it in your Reader's Notebook with drawing Vocab #5 Spelling Test HOMEWORK DUE ON... Friday, 10/13: Vocab Lesson #4 Spelling Test Children's Book Reflective Essay-double-spaced, printed Tuesday, 10/17: Vocab Book-Lesson #4 Friday, 10/20: Vocab Lesson #4 Test HOMEWORK DUE ON... Friday, 9/29: Vocab Lesson #3 Spelling Test Monday, 10/2: Vocab Book-Lesson #3 Wednesday, 10/3 Vocab Lesson #3 Test HOMEWORK DUE ON... Tuesday, 9/19: Vocab Book-Lesson #2 Thesis Paragraph Rewrite (include Draft #1 & 2) Wednesday, 9/20: Story Elements Test Friday, 9/22: Vocab Lesson #2 Test HOMEWORK DUE ON... Tuesday, 9/12: Story Elements pp. 39-41 Friday, 9/15: Vocabulary Lesson #2 Spelling Test HOMEWORK Thursday, 9/6: Story Elements due pp. 33-36 Friday, 9/7: Vocabulary Test Lesson #1 HOMEWORK: THIS IS A CHANGE FROM ORIGINAL DATES!! Friday, 9/1: Vocabulary Spelling Test Lesson #1 Tuesday, 9/5: Vocabulary Book Due: Lesson #1 pp. 5-9 Friday, 9/8 - Vocabulary Test Lesson #1 Thursday, 8/24 - Bring in two children's books