6th Grade Homework

Independent Reading: Students should strive to read an independent book each day with a goal of no less than thirty minutes. Genre: High-Interest Fiction 

Week of September 24 - 28

* Spelling Quiz #3 Friday, September 28th
*Spelling/Vocabulary HW Unit #3 due Tuesday, October 2nd

* Grammar Study - Finishing sentences. Complete #13 - 20 in today's lesson. 

*Reading in America Street - Read The  Loudest Voice for Tuesday, September 25th.
*read Thank You Ma'am and then respond to the corresponding questions in your blue reader's guide and complete the following page as well. In other words, complete all tasks on pages 16 & 17 for tomorrow.

Bring your Independent Reading book with you to class. 

*Spelling #3 Quiz on Friday, September 28th.
*Vocabulary #3 Quiz Wednesday, October 3rd.
*Continue Grammar study - Sentences/Phrases/Clauses
*Continue  Figurative Language study - personification and symbols this week