1st Grade-Mrs. Frericks

Welcome to First Grade!

First grade at Bannockburn School is an important year of transitions. During the year, students dive into developing deeper academic skills building strong reading and writing skills. Students begin to define themselves as readers and writers. As a classroom community we come together in a workshop setting to build good habits for these skills. Instruction is differentiated to ensure that each reader and writer learn specifically at his or her own level. Students confer individually with teachers daily to grow new learning and solidify past practices.  To continue to develop important speech and language skills, students learn how to share their thinking with both peers and teachers.

In addition to literacy, first grade is a year of exploration and discovery of the numbers in the world around us. An emphasis during the year is operation and algebraic thinking skills with a large focus in mastering addition and subtraction. Students are given the opportunity to take what they learn in a whole group setting and explore during workplace, small group or teacher time. 

Science and Social Studies are interwoven through a large collection of mentor texts and specific units of study. Building vocabulary is a focus in these units. 

Instruction is differentiated in a variety of ways throughout the school day where technology is used as one of the tools. With 1:1 iPads, students are given choice when learning, encouraging autonomy which is crucial to their overall development.