Executive Board/Duties

Bannockburn School Parents Organization 2017-2018

BSPO Executive Board

 Position Name
 President  Bethany
 Vice President  Melissa 
 Recording Secretary Abby 
 Treasurer Sheetal 
 Corresponding Secretary Michelle

Executive Board Position Descriptions

-Runs monthly BSPO meetings inclusive of voting.
-Sets meeting agenda.
-Oversees the organization with the assistance of the Vice President.
-Main contact person for issues relating to BSPO.
-Creates and distributes annual newsletter.
-Main contact for email communication.

Vice President:
-Runs meetings when President is not present.
-Runs portion of meeting regarding committee reports.
-Oversees the committees and obtains monthly reports.
-Works closely with President.
-Organizes and runs yearly board elections, ultimately appoints committee head position.

-Maintains all financial material: Check book (quicken), budget, tax returns, all documentation with state & federal government.
-Provides information to accountant for completion of taxes.
-Provides checks for all field trips and weekly hot lunch providers.
-Tracks CDs.

Recording Secretary:
-Records meeting minutes and member attendance at meetings.
-Types minutes and gives them in PDF format to the office for the Bannockburn School website, BSPO webpage.
-Creates five-point email (to include pertinent information, dates and upcoming votes (with vote link) and next meeting date, time and location.

Corresponding Secretary:
-Sends correspondence to members, school faculty/staff, for matters of congratulation, thanks, condolence.
-Records meeting minutes when recording secretary is unable.
-Communicates with teaching staff regarding correspondence needs.
-Oversee New Welcome Committee-delivers newsletter to new Bannockburn families.