Health Resources

Brain and Depression Resources
Basic Information About the Brain
Includes information about interactivity, emotions, and mental disorders.

Depression and Bipolar Disorder
A website maintained by author, John McManamy, who wrote McMan's Depression and Bipolar Weekly.

Neuroscience For Kids
This is a great research site and also has games and more exercises in the "experiment" section.

The Biology of Depression: How Stress Affects the Brain and Body
This is an outstanding 90-minute lecture by Dr. Owen Wolkowitz, professor at University of California at San Francisco. 

6th Grade Puberty

7th Grade Explanation of Vitamins and Minerals

7th Grade How To Use and Understand A Nutritional Facts Label

7th Grade Nutritional Data

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
A website that provides information about food borne illnesses. 

Character Strengths and Corresponding Behaviors
This link outlines how to develop seven highly predictive strengths that are needed for success in life. It outlines how to develop each strength.

Female Reproductive System
Information for teens about the female reproductive system. 

Khan Academy
Lessons in health care and medicine.

Male Reproductive System
Information for teens about the male reproductive system.

Types of STD's
A list of sexually transmitted diseases to be researched by students.

Yellow Ribbon Teen Suicide Prevention
Yellow ribbon is dedicated to preventing youth suicide and attempts by Making Suicide Prevention Accessible to Everyone and Removing Barriers to Help.

College Suicide Prevention