Science & Health-Mr. Gavrilovic

Science at Bannockburn School is taught using a variety of methods. 

Students conduct hands-on lab activities that reinforce the major concepts taught in class. We use the STC/Smithsonian units, which are aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Using these units, students integrate science and engineering practices to connect the fields of life, earth/space, and physical sciences. They complete engineering design challenges anchored in solid, real world applications. Along with in-depth science instruction, students develop their critical thinking skills while providing claims and evidence of their understanding, preparing them to perform in STEM careers of today and of the future. 

Additionally, Students complete meaningful projects that touch on current events, which connect to the concepts taught in class. Most projects are technology based where students use current presentation media and the SmartBoard to showcase their creativity and knowledge. 

Students also learn about the history of science, looking back at the origins of the major concepts taught in class and focusing on the cultures and scientists that played a major role in the development of knowledge. 

Another skill students learn is the proper way to read a nonfiction science text by previewing the text through the diagram captions and the headings, focusing on new vocabulary words and developing their own notes by identifying the important facts as they read. 

When teaching students in a class with a wide range of skills and abilities, instruction is always differentiated. There are multiple options for taking in information and making sense of ideas. Flexibility is key in the approach to teaching and adjustments to the curriculum and presentation of information are made to fit the learners. Instructional approaches vary and adaptations to individual and diverse students are made in the classroom. Specific, well thought out matches between abilities, interests, needs, and curriculum opportunities in terms of enrichment and acceleration options that maximize learning experiences are established for all students.

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