Math Interventionist/Instructional Coach-Ms. Becker

My role as a Math Interventionist and Instructional Coach at Bannockburn School serves as a resource to promote student academic and teacher instructional growth in mathematics.  Student data is continuously reviewed, analyzed, and interpreted to drive instruction.  Students in need of remediation or enrichment are provided engaging and hands-on instruction.  Teachers are assisted with resources related to the math curriculum. When appropriate, team teaching provides additional support to students and teachers.

The focus of remedial intervention is to build student conceptual understanding in foundational concepts and facilitate connections among mathematical landmark ideas.  Students requiring extra support receive explicit and systematic instruction individually and in small groups.  Collaborative instruction is tailored to meet individual student’s needs.  Instruction consists of guided questioning, verbalization of thought processes, and modeling of the inquiry process. 

Students receiving enrichment instruction are provided extended learning opportunities and challenges.  Enrichment allows students more time to learn concepts with greater depth and complexity.  Instruction supports accelerated learning needs and engages students in higher level thinking.  

Throughout the year, students work on developing and refining mathematical strategies.  Students attempt to understand and represent the world, modeling and representing ideas visually.  They engage in mathematizing—constructing mathematical meaning of the world through modeling reality with math tools.  Students build perseverance through questioning and making sense of problems.  Ideas are developed and arguments are critiqued by others.  In a positive math community, students collaborate to determine creative solutions and share explanations.  When sharing verbally and in writing, students strive to be mathematically precise.

Student academic growth is promoted through collaboration and communication between parents and teachers.  Student progress and success is communicated regularly to parents and teachers.  Their achievements are recognized and celebrated throughout the year.