Spanish-Mrs. Beversdorf

Welcome to Spanish!

The ultimate goal of our kindergarten through eighth grade Spanish classes is the acquisition of the speaking, listening, reading and writing skills needed to interact in Spanish in real-life situations. Lessons are planned around a theme and our curriculum is organized around a broad subject (such as family members, animals, numbers, or colors) that allows students to connect the Spanish they are learning to meaningful content.  

We are a student-centered classroom because learning is most meaningful when topics are relevant to students’ lives and interests and when the students themselves are actively engaged in creating, understanding, and connecting to the Spanish content.  A variety of authentic, culture-rich, and age-appropriate materials are used that encourage young students’ interaction and involvement, including stuffed animals, puppets, storybooks, videos, and games. Technology is integrated into our classroom to invoke interaction and collaboration with native speakers of other languages through email, Skype, and blog comments.

Spanish is used in the classroom as exclusively as possible and each student’s individual learning rates and styles is considered. Students are not taught through rote memorization of vocabulary, but rather through comprehensible, meaningful input. We follow the National Standards in Foreign Language Education, Illinois State Standards, as well as the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages.