Orchestra-Mr. Crane

Welcome to Bannockburn Orchestra!

Bannockburn’s Orchestra Program is open to all students grade 3-8 who wish to play the violin, viola, cello or string bass in an organized group. The program encompasses two orchestras:  The Symphonetta is comprised primarily of beginners, most of whom are 3
rd graders, and those students who have played a year or less.  The Chamber Orchestra is comprised of those students who have played at least a year and who are capable of playing more difficult music. 

One day a week is designated for instruction.  The Chamber Orchestra rehearses at 8 a.m. followed by individual and group classes throughout the day during non-core subject times.  From the very first day of instruction, students begin to learn valuable skills both musical and non-musical.  Fundamentals of string playing are introduced and nurtured, the value of team work is instilled, and the goal of performance is laid out.  A winter and spring concert are part of the curriculum.  In addition, both orchestras participate in a short spring orchestra assembly for the entire school.

Repertoire is chosen with an eye toward with both pedagogy and student interest.  Whether they are beginners learning Lightly Row or Open String Samba, or are more advanced  preparing a piece by Handel or Taylor Swift, students are engaged and learn to embrace different styles.

The orchestra program extends beyond the school, as the Chamber Orchestra has performed yearly for the Bannockburn Book Fair at Barnes & Noble, and travels every spring to Deerfield High School to perform for their freshman orchestra, followed by Q & A.  This field-trip illuminates that orchestra after students’ years at Bannockburn is viable, fun and at their fingertips.

 Students and/or parents who are interested in the Bannockburn Orchestra Program, or who would like more information, should contact David Crane, Director.      dcrane@bannockburnschool.org