Music-Mrs. Ciko

Welcome to Music!

Music at Bannockburn School is a comprehensive program that students experience in different capacities from Kindergarten through Eighth Grade. The courses offered are designed to foster a love for music and the many aspects that relate to it. Every child is musical and has many ways to find out how music works for them.

Students in Kindergarten through Fifth Grade participate in weekly General Music classes. These class sessions focus on a variety of aspects about music, and the activities center around four primary principles: Creating, Performing, Responding and Connecting. Students are encouraged to explore and embrace their musical creativity in General Music and discover how these guiding principles work in their lives and their family, as well as in their school, their community, and globally. Students in General Music participate in annual class music performances, as well as weekly small group and independent activities. Lessons include experience in music theory, history and performance.

Bannockburn Students in Fourth through Eighth Grade are eligible to participate in two elective performance ensembles, Band and Chorus. These groups give interested students the opportunity to continue their musical growth through rehearsal and performances throughout the school year.

Chorus students meet as a full group once per week during the school year and perform in a minimum of two concerts. Additional performance opportunities may come up and would be selected if they presented value and accessibility for the ensemble members.

Band students meet in grade level groups. Fourth Graders are the Beginning Band and meet in small groups for lessons during the school day throughout the year. Beginning Band students perform in two concerts each year. The Beginning Band curriculum focus on mastering the playing fundamentals of wind and percussion instruments. In addition, students learn to function as a musical “team” and how to perform in an ensemble format. This important first year sets a strong foundation for all subsequent experiences in band.

Fifth - Eighth grade students continue to develop and expand on the fundamentals taught in Beginning Band. Fifth graders continue to meet at grade level in weekly lessons to further their understanding and build stronger playing technique. Middle school students participate in Concert Band, which includes a weekly early morning ensemble rehearsal as well as their weekly small group lesson. The curriculum for these upper grades focuses on exposing the students to a variety of musical genres that include appropriate performance skills. Students also take assessments and participate in multiple performances each year. Students in Concert Band function as a traditional ensemble, and learn to work cooperatively with unlike instrumentation and mixed grade levels.