7th Grade Homework
Due 5/30: Enslavement Doc analysis (bullets and questions)- Olaudah Equiano, John Hawkins, Slave Ship, and Map of Africa

Due 5/29: Slave ship analysis (bullets and questions)

Due 5/23: JS: Read and annotate, "Food Fight" article. Make sure to include side-margin summaries and underline details. 

Due 3/22: Native American Mascots- Include reasons for supporting and opposing. After, choose a stance that you agree with (star it).

Due 3/21: Native American Mascot- finish article and label claims and evidence with a + or -

Due 3/20: Gold Rush journals and advertisements (See assignment sheet)

Due 3/13: Native American memorial project (2-parts: Google Draw and creative part)

Due 3/8: Continue Native American research

Due 5/7: Seminole War map (Need 3 colored pencils)

Due 5/3: American Progress- Updated Art

Due 4/30: Two Map Activities: Pike Explores the Southwest and The National Road

Due 4/29: Lewis and Clark museum displays (See assignment sheet)

Due 4/25: Keep researching for Lewis and Clark Native American project. Come with questions and hard to find topics.

Due 4/17: 9.2 Nationalism and Sectionalism Cornell notes

Due 4/16: Annotated Google Draw- Technology that Influenced Westward Expansion

Due 4/8: Author's Point of View: Loaded Language, Choice of Facts, and Bandwagon; Think Critically: Fact, Opinion, Reasoned Judgement (Google Draws)

Due 4/5: Textual Structure Google Draw: Sequence, Compare & Contrast, Cause & Effect (Include examples, pictures, use keywords)

Due 4/4: Westward Expansion Inquiry: What factors influenced Westward Expansion? Write a claim and include evidence from America the Story of Us, independent research, and analysis from the packet. Include topics organized by factors with evidence, pictures, and symbols. Do not include technology or conflicts.

Due 3/18: Constitution Test (Complete two more practice tests and grade)

Due 3/15: BB p. 50-52 practice test and grade

Due 3/14: Study and review BB p. 48-49 (Development of Constitution, Legislative Branch, Executive Branch, Judicial Branch, & Vocabulary) 

Due 3/13: Study and review BB p. 48-49 (Development of Constitution, Legislative Branch, Executive Branch)

Due 3/12: Study and review BB p. 48 (Development of Constitution)

Due 3/11: 1. Supreme Court Google Draw (See assignment sheet) 2. BB p. 44, 45

Due 3/7: Continue to research Supreme Court case. Follow expectations and directions on assignment sheet.

Due 3/5: BB p. 41 (Checks and Balances- very important!)

Due 3/1: BB p. 36, 37

Due 2/27: JS annotations, "Desperate Journey" p. 10-12.

Due 2/22: BB p. 35

Due 2/20: Powers of Presidency- Point and Counterpoint Essay 3-5 par. Follow outline guide.

Due 2/14: Powers of Presidency- Point and Counterpoint Outline

Due 2/4: Electoral College BB p. 33, 34

Due 2/1: Executive Branch Cabinet presentation (See assignment sheet)

Due 1/25: Finish research for Cabinet presentation

Due 1/23: BB p. 31, 32

Due 1/18: BB p. 30

Due 1/16: BB p. 28 (Congress and States)

Due 1/15: BB p. 25-26 (p. 27 may help too)

Due 1/10: BB p. 16-19 (Do not complete the Senate and House comparison)

Due 1/8: BB p. 16 (Intro to Legislative Branch)

Due 12/17: Continue outline for essay: find textual evidence.

Due 12/14: Work on essay- Thesis statement, topic sentences and evidence

Due 12/13: JS: Wildfire annotations

Due 12/11: Amendment Raps

Due 12/6: BB p. 14 (Amendments and Outline of Constitution)

Due 12/3: BB p. 9 (Bill of Rights)

Due 11/28: Bill of Rights doodles for Pictionary (Try to include multiple examples for each amendment, especially ones that have multiple rights like the First Amendment and Fifth Amendment)

Due 11/20: The Words We Live By analytical paragraph. See assignment sheet for details, don't forget to include and analyze textual evidence.

Due 11/16: BB p. 12 (For #1: Can number the 6 goals above each goal where it is written. So you do not need to rewrite, but you can. For #2: There are three terms italicized. For #4: What set of laws came before the Consitution?)

Due 11/15: Preamble Graphic Representation Google Draw (Remember to copy to Preamble exactly from the class copy, watch random capitals. Include three pictures per each phrase, not each line. Go beyond for pictures of liberty. Don't forget to include progeny too.)

Due 11/12: Letter to Troops

Letter to Troops


Directions: Pick one type of military personal to write to.

  • Deployed Troop: currently overseas in harms way
  • Veteran: has served our country in the past
  • New Recruit: just completed Boot Camp and has sworn to serve 4+ years
  • First Responder: Firefighter, Paramedic, or Law Enforcement


Start with a salutation, such as “Dear Hero” or Dear Brave One”


Dear Hero,


Thank you so much for your service.


Topics to include:


  • Do not include the date, Bannockburn, or your last name
  • Express your thanks for their selfless service
  • Avoid politics or religion. However, you can say you are praying for them
  • Share a little about yourself: Family, hobbies, school, pets, travel
  • Talk about your life and interests: Sports, weather, music, movies, food, books… 

Due 11/7: JS: "Out of the Cave" annotations p. 14-17. Also, map activity p. 17.

Due 11/6: JS: "After the Storm" annotations p. 8-11. Remember to read a paragraph, write a side-margin summary, underline details, repeat...

Due 11/5: Who Rules? Circle the correct type of government on the A/B chart

Due 11/2: Create Your Own Sovereign State (Add color to map and flag for more effort)

Due 10/30: BB p. 6-8

Due 10/29: Thomas Hobbes and John Locke doodles: State of Nature, Social Contract, and Government

Due 10/14: BB p. 3 and 4 

Due 10/22: Declaration of Independence annotations

Due 10/19: American Revolution Time Capsule (Remember to include pictures and symbols for each item. Also, write important, significant, and interesting information for each item on a separate Google Doc)

Due 10/17: Research items for American Revolution time capsule (Take bullet notes on Google Doc)

Due 10/15: Battle at Lexington analytical paragraph (See assignment sheet in Google folder)

Due 10/11: Read Barker's diary and the Minutemen Deposition. Answer questions #1-7. 

Due 10/3: JS map activities p. 13 and 21. Please complete on a separate sheet of loose-leaf paper. 

Due 9/28: Study Ch. 3 Sec. 5 terms for quiz 

Due 9/27: Ch. 3 Sec. 5 vocab terms (Make sure to use textbook or PDF version- search for English)

Due 9/25: Colonial Protest Rallies (Banners and Skit)

Due 9/17: Jamestown and the Powhatan (Two Native American perspectives, use both in your responses)

Due 9/14: 1. Pocahontas paragraph: Did Pocahontas save John Smith? Remember to use Grammarly. 2. If you finished the paragraph in class then complete the two-sided story about the Powhatan Confederacy. Make sure to include information from both sources.

Due 9/13: Keep working on Pocahontas paragraph, but you do not need to finish it. Tomorrow you will have about 15 more minutes in class to work and for me to meet with you.

Due 9/12: Find evidence for your two or three main points and write them on the outline sheet. Use all three packets to find the best two or three pieces of evidence that support your paragraph. Remember the topic: Did Pocahontas save John Smith? Was Disney accurate?

Due 9/11: Suggestion only... If our class wants to compete, please try to find a few summer news stories we could use. Remember not to include: Thai soccer team and cave, Kavanaugh Supreme Court pick, Trump and Putin meeting, Lebron James and LA, World Cup, Indonesia earthquake, Mexico's new president, NASA and sun probe, and Aretha Franklin's death.

Due 9/7 Finish summaries for "True Relation" and "General History"

Due 9/6: Colonial journal and drawing (See assignment sheet)

Due 9/5: Ch. 3 Sec. 1 (The Southern Colonies) or Ch. 3 Sec. 2 (The New England Colonies) creative notes. Make sure to include the title (chapter and section number), all main sections (blue), bulleted information, pictures and symbols. 

Due 8/30: Timeline challenge project. See assignment sheet. Make sure to include one timeline with a caption, year, picture, and a title. The other timeline has the pictures and captions together, but in a scrambled order for a future social studies game. Also, make sure to delete the years.