6th Grade Homework
Due 5/31: What is classic? Find a picture of a classic item and explain why it is classic.

Due 5/30: JS: Food Fight annotations

Due 5/28: Greek Government Project- Google Draw and Skit

Due 5/22: Greece Origins and Geography GRW

Due 5/21: Greece Map (Use textbook p. 232 for help)

Due 5/20: Polis Song and Banner (Greek City-States)

Due 5/14: #7 Build Your Blueprint 

Due 5/10: Comparing Stocks Worksheet- Part 1 and 2 (Complete only 3 sections and only 2 companies per section. So six companies altogether.) Make sure to use the links for Publicly Traded Stock Companies document in your shared Google Drive Financial Literacy.

Due 5/8: Planning for your future #6 simulation and quiz- insurance types

Due 4/26: Finish quiz #4 and college/career planning worksheet. Also, complete #5 Building a Business and quiz.

Due 4/24: Celebration Budget Worksheet and Transaction Types

Due 4/17: China's Big Move Google Draw: Why is the government doing it? What are the positive effects? What are the negative effects? (Include evidence from article and pictures/symbols)

Due 4/15: Asia postcard project

Due 4/8: Author's Point of View: Loaded Language, Choice of Facts, and Bandwagon; Think Critically: Fact, Opinion, Reasoned Judgement (Google Draws)

Due 4/5: Textual Structure Google Draw: Sequence, Compare & Contrast, Cause & Effect (Include examples, pictures, use keywords)

Due 4/4: China's Test Factory- read the article and write 2-2-2 notes. 2 Important facts, 2 interesting facts, and 2 questions.

Due 3/20: Nepal Child Labor News Snapshot Critique Essay

Due 3/19: Nepal Child Labor News Snapshot Critique Graphic Organizer

Due 3/15: Analyze and answer questions source #5

Due 3/14: Source- circle, underline key details in reading, and answer question #1, 2

Due 3/11: Chinese Philosophy Google Draw

Due 4/5: China's Big Move- read article and answer question: Why is the government forcing millions of farmers to move into cities? Include a claim and evidence from the article in a Google Draw. Add a title, pictures and symbols.

Due 3/7: 6.2 Cornell notes

Due 3/5: GRW 6.1 (No challenge)

Due 3/1: 1. China image analysis (See assignment sheet- Title, picture, denotative, connotative, questions, and inferences) 2. China/East Asia Map

Due 2/27: China image analysis (See assignment sheet- Title, picture, denotative, connotative, questions, and inferences)

Due 2/26: JS: "Desperate Journey" annotations p. 8-12

Due 2/22: 5.5 Cornell Notes

Due 2/11: 5.3 Origins of Buddhism Textbook- Questions: 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, 2C, 3A (Rephrase the question and use evidence from the textbook)

Due 2/7: Hinduism Beliefs Google Draw

Due 2/6: Hinduism Belief notes (Most groups finished in class) (Electronic poster will be due 2/7)

Due 2/4: Caste System journal and drawing (Colored drawing is more effort) (See assignment sheet for details)

Due 2/1: 5.2 GRW Origins of Hinduism

Due 1/25: India Travels- organized note sheet, edited script, and slides

Due 1/22: Keep working on India Travels project. Should be writing script. Make sure to follow proper mechanics and grammar.

Due 1/18: Make sure to finish geography notes for India Travels project. Write essential questions for cultural areas. You can start culture research too.

Due 1/16: Ten Cool Things About India- 2 interesting, 2 important, 2 questions

Due 1/15: India Real Estate Ad

Due 1/14: GRW 5.1

Due 1/10: India Map- label in two colors

Due 12/14: Continue planning for essay. Find evidence from multiple sources.

Due 12/13: Plan for Wildfire essay. Use outline and selected sources in Google Drive folder. Try to find 2-3 examples of textual evidence to include in your essay. Use multiple sources.

Due 12/11: JS Wildfire annotations

Due 12/10: Study if you are taking a retake for points back.

Due 12/6: Keep studying, test on Thursday 12/6

Due 12/3: Mesopotamian Empire presentations and skits (Keep studying for 12/6 unit test too!)

Due 11/28: Mesopotamian Empire notes (Both texts: History Alive and World History)

Due 11/20: 3.4 Cornell Notes (Follow format in class)

Due 11/16: GRW 3.3 (Also, challenge)

Due 11/13: TB 3.2 #1A, 1C, 2A, 2C p. 60-64 (Remember to include the textbook chapter, section, and title. Rephrase the question and avoid first person)

Due 11/12 Letter to Troops

Letter to Troops


Directions: Pick one type of military personal to write to.

  • Deployed Troop: currently overseas in harms way
  • Veteran: has served our country in the past
  • New Recruit: just completed Boot Camp and has sworn to serve 4+ years
  • First Responder: Firefighter, Paramedic, or Law Enforcement


Start with a salutation, such as “Dear Hero” or Dear Brave One”


Dear Hero,


Thank you so much for your service.


Topics to include:


  • Do not include the date, Bannockburn, or your last name
  • Express your thanks for their selfless service
  • Avoid politics or religion. However, you can say you are praying for them
  • Share a little about yourself: Family, hobbies, school, pets, travel
  • Talk about your life and interests: Sports, weather, music, movies, food, books… 

Due 11/7: Characteristics of a Civilization Google Draw- Remember to use the shortened headings on the assignment sheet and your notes. Also, have at least three different images per section. Don't forget to include a creative title.

Due 11/6: Characters of Civilization match w/ explanations

Due 11/01: Ancient Meso' Problems: title, problem and solution summary, colored diagram with labels, and summary of Mesopotamian solution in new color. Also, GRW Ch. 3 Sec. 1

Due 10/26: Mesopotamia Map (Fertile Crescent)

Due 10/25: GRW 2.3 Neolithic Revolution and drawing for the journal (Color = more effort)

Due 10/24: Journal: Paleolithic and Neolithic Times

Due 10/22: Paleolithic and Neolithic slides and rap, poem, or song.

Due 10/19: Agricultural Revolution project: Paleolithic and Neolithic slides. Complete your one section for example: Food Supply or Trade. Make sure to label the section along with Paleolithic and Neolithic. Add numerous pictures and symbols. We underlined items to symbolize on your chart.

Due 10/15: Textbook assignment: Ch. 2 Sec. 3. Please read pages 40-43 and answer questions 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B on a Google Doc. Remember to include the Chapter and Section number (2.3) and title at the top of the page. The title is found on page 40 at the top of the page. Also, rephrase the question. For example if the question is, What does biped mean? You would write: Biped means... Also, avoid first person- I, me, we, my...

Due 10/11: Hominid Presentation (See assignment sheet) and GRW 2.1 Early Human Migration (No challenge; Remember for the last section include the definition and a descriptive phrase)

Due 10/1: Ch. 2 Sec. 1 Questions: 1B, 2A, 2B, 3A, 3B, 4A, and 4B. Follow expectations on textbook guide. (All files are in Prehistory and Prehistoric Humans folder)

Due 9/25: Back in Time (See intro to year folder in shared Google folder)

Due 9/21: History Mystery story (Make sure to give it a creative title and edit) (Also make sure you explain both prints)

Due 9/14: Ch. 1 Sec. 1 and 2 vocabulary. Include the term, definition, and a picture for all 13 terms (Assignment sheet in shared Google Drive folder- remember to make a copy)

Due 9/6: Timeline Project (See assignment sheet in shared Google Drive folder)

Due 8/29: I am From poem. See assignment sheet in the shared Google folder. Make sure to have a creative title that is capitalized, a poem that describes you, and every few lines start with the phrase, "I am from..." Also, make sure to add pictures, color, and watch the spacing/layout.