Social Studies-Mr. Panella

Welcome to Middle School Social Studies!

Middle school social studies students will explore the past from prehistory through the current era. They will study history, geography, civics, current events and economics through engaging and thought-provoking activities. Thinking historically is not about what students know, but how students know it. History is a discipline centered on questions and the application of information to generate interpretations about how these questions can be answered. Thinking historically involves students analyzing and synthesizing information from multiple accounts and perspectives to gather evidence to support their interpretations.


Middle school students will practice numerous skills related to social studies. They will think critically by reading and researching various topics. Throughout the school year students will write their findings by summarizing information, inferring, or arguing their different perspectives, learn note-taking and annotating methods, and will collaborate with peers and present their findings using different modes of technology. Everyday social studies students at Bannockburn School will take new steps to better understand the world.

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