Language Arts-Mrs. Lampert

Middle School Language Arts
Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Grade

This year in language arts we will be taking new risks! Middle school is launching a new learning journey through our affiliation with The Reading and Writing Project at Teacher's College, Columbia University, a well-researched program that fully supports literacy instruction by offering readers a variety of opportunities to learn. Our students will choose much of their literature based on both reading and interest level. To ensure growth as literacy learners, middle school students will be taught reading strategies and habits of proficient readers and writers. 

We have adopted the Project's workshop model, designed to encourage students to contribute to their classroom community, manage their reading lives, write to deepen text engagement, and become avid readers. Through the workshop's mini-lessons, read alouds, and book clubs, students think, talk, and write about their reading, and confer with their teacher and classmates on an ongoing basis through individual conferences, small group instruction, and/or whole class instruction in an effort to create lifelong learners. 

Planned Middle School Reading and Writing Units

Our students will be given increased responsibility to chart their own courses in terms of deadlines, reflections, and group work. We welcome this wonderful opportunity for our students to gain independence as we guide them through the reading and writing journey.

6th Grade Curriculum
7th Grade Curriculum
8th Grade Curriculum