Art-Mrs. Furmanski

Welcome to Art!

Elementary and middle school art at Bannockburn is a time where students have the opportunity to explore a variety of mediums such as ceramics, painting, sculpture, drawing and more.  Throughout the year students in all grades will gain a better understanding of the elements of art and how they fit into all types of artwork.

Art education encourages students to see the familiar as strange. It exposes students to artists, techniques, and works of art that have changed our society. One of my priorities as an educator is to help my students learn to investigate, question, and critically judge art.  It is my goal that coming to art will help students become independent and creative thinkers as they enter into the community.

The art room is a place to see, feel, ponder, and understand the ideas of others.  Through art, students can make connections to people from around the world and also to the classmates that they share a table with.

Emily Furmanski, Art Teacher 

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