5th Grade-Mrs. Wilson

Welcome to Fifth Grade!

The fifth grade experience is unique, engaging, and filled with differentiated challenges for each individual. Our fifth grade year is one of learning life's lessons, focusing on the curricular momentum, analyzing literature, and applying mathematical foundational skills.  Independent work habits and self-direction become critical skills essential to possess.  The ability to work productively, originally, independently, and creatively within small groups is also a focus.  We grow as thinkers, classmates, writers, leaders and are always reminded that "it is nice to be important but more important to be nice".  Fifth grade is a pivotal year as the transition from elementary to middle school takes place.  We build a foundation of memories and become ready to enter sixth grade with noted confidence and an abundance of experiences and talents.  Students are encouraged to face each day ready to learn and solve problems for themselves.  Fifth grade is a year to learn, listen, and lead.  Students are reminded that a report card grade is a snapshot of a particular moment in time; learning cannot be captured so objectively.  Fifth graders celebrate learning, achievements, and progress throughout the year.