3rd Grade-Mrs. McMillin

Welcome to Third Grade!

Throughout the third grade year children learn to become independent thinkers and successful members of their world community.  Through a metacognitive approach they "learn how to learn" and how they learn best.  Also, they participate in a variety of learning situations that lead them from teacher dependency to independency, including: teacher-directed, small group, partner, and individual learning formats.  This gradual release from instructor to student enables children to assume responsibility for their own progress, thereby creating competent, confident, and self-sufficient learners.  Since children differ in how they learn, curricula is continuously tailored to effectively meet the needs of the individual; this includes reinforcement, extension, and enrichment activities.  Additionally, each child is provided opportunities to pursue his or her learning passions in the form of self-directed and self-designed activities.  Since the classroom serves as a microcosm where children learn how to become compassionate, positive, and productive members of society, considerable attention is given to social and emotional development as well as to cognitive progress.  My commitment to children is to enable them to achieve their highest potentials and to instill in them a lifelong love of learning.

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