Kindergarten-Mrs. Vitale

Welcome to Kindergarten!

The beginning of kindergarten is an exciting time!  For many children, kindergarten is their first experience with large group instruction.  It is a time for turning individuals into a community that works together cooperatively and productively.  The children learn to share with and support one another and treat one another with respect.  As the year progresses, most children will settle into the routines of kindergarten and be able to perform automatically.  They can sustain independent work for longer periods of time and be responsible for themselves and their materials.  During the end of kindergarten, the children will be integrating their knowledge of reading, writing, and math.  The children will have established a strong foundation as emergent readers and writers to continues their learning in first grade.

Bannockburn School welcomes your child into our kindergarten class.  We look forward to helping your child emerge as a beginning reader, writer, mathematician, scientist and artist, as well as a confident student who loves learning, academic challenges, and the entire educational experience. 

A note to parents:

Bannockburn School offers full day tuition-free kindergarten. At the parent’s request, half-day sessions are available as well.